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Discover The World's Most Impactful Mindset program For Working Moms

The proven 4-step method for serenity beyond fear and self-doubt

Lynn uniquely fuses hypnobirthing, physiotherapy, mind-body connection and leadership training to holistically guide women through the profound internal identity shift they need to be empowered during birth and to thrive as new mothers.

Every birth is actually two births: the birth of the baby, and the birth of the mother-identity. "Matrescence" is the woman's bio-psycho-social transition into motherhood.

Manifest your empowered birth & motherhood vision with my proven step-by-step process with unrivalled support throughout your entire motherhood journey.

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Find Your Roar


“Signing up for Lynn's hypnobirthing course is the best decision I've made so far in my pregnancy. Before the course, the ever-increasing 'unknowns' around my first pregnancy was daunting. Two weeks into the course, I already feel empowered, equipped with useful tools and so much better informed as to how best to tackle the adventures ahead. The course in three words: inspiring, structured & revelatory”

Louise Charles

1st Baby


“It wasn't "pain" - it was pressure and power but not pain like my other birth. It was like you were there with me, I could hear your voice. I loved my empowered birth and didn't need any drugs. ”

Nasima Almohamed

3rd Baby


“I’m on a high from my empowered birth. The nurse said - I don’t think you realize how much of a superstar you are. You were so in control of your body. I didn’t realize you were even having contractions. ”

Joey de la Rosa

1st Baby


“Lynn's coaching in the month prior to delivering was so helpful, she always listened to my concerns and designed an individualized plan for any questions or block I came across. Lynn works with each individual and is able to meet the need of each indivual in that moment, it is so empowering. Thanks to Lynn's coaching my 3rd delivery was the easiest and the most enjoyable one, I was in control of my body and my mind throughout. ”

Marie Scott

3rd Baby


“I roared like a lion. In total the time taken from when I felt my first contraction to when I delivered my baby was approximately 2 hours 30 minutes.”

Audrey Adjei

1st Baby


“I couldn't have made it that far without your course, I really appreciate you!!!! My husband was an incredible coach after our session and I was able to direct him to what I wanted better after we talked also. Thank you for everything!!!!”

Alexandra Lambert

1st Baby

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Birth Like A Boss, Founder & Lead Coach

Hi, I'm Lynn Jackson-Taylor

Founder of Birth Like A Boss and Mom To Matriarch. I'm a Chartered Physiotherapist & Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner, with specialist training in Maternal Mental Health. Having myself experienced an empowering natural home birth, two miscarriages and a C-section during the height of lockdown, I'm devoted to empowering women through birth and motherhood.

Lynn Jackson-Taylor

BA, BSc, DipHB (KGH), Cert (APPI), Cert (CPRM), MCSP, HCPC

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Empowering Women With Birth Confidence consistent self-care & matriarchal impact

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  • Take Back Control Over Emotions

  • Work With -Not Against- Your Body

  • Avoid Physical & Mental Trauma

  • Minimise Need For Invasive Intervention and Extended Hospital Stay

  • Become The Strongest Version Of Yourself

  • Step Into Motherhood Without Sacrificing Your Identity


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